Sunday, 18 March 2012

Welcome to the beginning of a new era.

The RHULERS1970 Brand is developing its first "Premium City Bicycle with a vintage flair".

RHULERS1970 Premium Bespoke City Bicycles with a Vintage Flair.
Designed in Amsterdam, the RHULERS1970 Vintage Bicycles, take the art of riding stylish high quality bicycles to new levels.
The Experience- High quality and style are combined to create the "Must have" in contemporary style.
Original and reliable the personalized hand made vintage bicycle is the result of hard testing and search for excellence.
Created from high quality materials the RHULERS1970 city bikes are a combination of Dutch originals and great British flair, the future style icons.
The bicycles come in 3 variations of the standard pack and can be personalized with various bespoke touches.

From your own colour, name, company logo or signature.
Seat colours
Wheel colours

RHULERS id concept where you can customize your own bicycle. With a unique colour and inspirational message.
Or personal concept.

The Amsterdam (Above)

is the standard city bicycle with vintage style and quality.
Reliable standard steel frame. Designed on the original Opa Fiets model.

The Harlem (above)
Is the intermediate deluxe city bicycle
Double tube frame. Wider fit tyre, Alloy spokes
Parcel rack and front crate carrier.

The London (Above)

Is the Premium City Bicycle

Inspired by the sharp clean lines of Saville Row.

The London has style at heart.
Steel Double frame, streamlined wheels and High quality vintage style.
See our message board for recent examples.

Citizen M
College Hotel, Amsterdam
Boundary Hotel, London
Blue Blood
Jean Shop, NYC
Paul smith
Kingfisher Bar, Amsterdam
Richard James, London
Mercer Hotel, NYC
Standard Hotel, LA
Acne. Off white
APC. Navy blue

Each bicycle can be ordered in Men's frame or women's frame and also be pre-fitted with removable child seat if necessary.

All the bicycles are delivered ready to go.
A choice of wheel colours is also available.
Brooks leather seats
Brooks Vintage Leather hand grips.
Weather proof paint finish
Disk brakes front and rear.
Traditional home Foot pump
Portable micro pump
28" sturdy wheels
High quality Dutch frames
Shimano 3 speed gears.
Axa 'o' lock for short term locking.
Personalised anti theft lock.
Original vintage tool bag
Vintage lights
Micro RHULERS1970 repair kit
Mile- o- meter
City Map London Paris Amsterdam
Copenhagen New York Stockholm

Mini GPS - ( additional extra)